Walking through "The Java Tutorials" with Rust


A weird evening in April 2021

When I started coding, I was impressed by The Java Tutorials. The mental models of Object-Oriented Programming and the elegance of the language were enjoyable made me state that "I'm writing poetry". A few years later I've found myself working full time on various java backend and ETL projects.

One day I googled about this new Rust language. The moto about performance and reliability, and the open community and governance made me curious. The rich type system, the ownership model (that removes the need for garbage collection), pattern matching, and other ideas that were new and exciting for me made me get a copy of The Rust Programming Language. I was eager to learn how to write programs with Rust.

Trying to follow the Java Tutorials with Rust sounded like a good way to understand what and how I should approach problems in a way that translates some of my mental models from one language to the other.

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